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Four Simple April Fools Pranks

Samantha Loveridge

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Four Simple April Fools Pranks


  1. False Adds- Make up stories to tell through the words of a paper.  Make the font big enough to read and try to limit it to 20-30 (but you can go over if needed)  words of pure mischief. You want the add to be easy to read and quick too. You can also put clues, make spelling errors or grammatical errors to spell out the words april fools, or pranked, something along those lines. You can also bold letters in words to point things out even more.

Example: I love april fools pranks. They are always so pleasant and ridiculously fun. All in all, they are a great way to show your love for another fellow.  The constant on and off of the pranks is just so fantastic and exciting.  The luxury of getting pranked is very fulfilling.  It’s very satisfying as well.  But, I can’t speak for everybody else. Do you like them?

2.)The Frozen Everything- You can do anything with air that is below 32 degrees, including a prank.  You can freeze anything from beverages, to food. Starting with the drinks, for breakfast most people have orange juice or milk. Guess what, those are one of the best things to freeze because you can’t see through them.  Pour a glass of orange juice or milk the night before and make sure that in the morning you can wipe of the film of cold air from the top of it just to make sure that it won’t look to suspicious. So you can also do this with food as well, some of the best food is cereal.  Start by pouring a bowl of cereal, then stick it in the freezer. The next morning you take it out of the freezer, and serve it to your victim. To make it even better, before you freeze it, stick a spoon into it so the spoon won’t even come out of the bowl.

3.)Fake Signs- Fake signs are one of the funniest things to do to someone who won’t expect it. There are no limits for your signs so go wild.  You can do a sign that looks like the women’s bathroom logo, but you can have her sticking a chile in her eye, circle it and put a line in it. Signaling that sticking chilies in your eyes, is not allowed.  Go wild, have fun, the your imagination run.

4.)Plastic Wrap- Plastic wrap is one of the best pranks, but they can be very innocent, to very mean.  You can start innocent by putting on a door frame, just high enough to reach the persons face, once they walk in they will be surprised.  You can kick it up a notch by putting oil on it. Don’t go for glue though, it works well but it’s not good in the aftermath, it would be easier to just not go there.  But you can bring it to the bathroom. Lift up the toilet seat and put a sheet of plastic wrap on the rim of the toilet, lower the seat, and wait.

Do you have any Ideas? Try them, don’t be afraid!  Live and learn, and laugh from your pranks.

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Four Simple April Fools Pranks