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Middle School Romance: No Wheels

Ian Stringham and Dallin Schaefermeyer

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Middle school romance, worst possible idea? This will help those dating figure out. The first big problem is the ride. The date could be catastrophic or amazing just on the ride choice. The top choices chosen by kids these days are to not go, but no one wants to hear about that, the other options are wagon ride, ride a bike on over to her house and have her get on the pegs, or the last and final option is to have that awkward ride with a parent. These are the choices middle school kids have to make these days.

So the first choice is a wagon ride. The question is who’s going to be pulling. If the lovely lady pulls that would be very awkward for the guy, all his friends would make fun of him and his date would probably break up with him. But if the dude is the engine, he will show greatness to his date and get highest respect. Except the part where the guy would be sweating a lot and once he arrives he would stink up the room.

Next resort, the peg ride. It would not go over well if the parents open the door and see a young man with a crappy bike and pegs, the parents would probably turn the date away. But if the dude skids to a loud stop and yells “Hey babe hop on my pegs!” A smart girl would probably turn the date down and close the door. But they are in middle school so it would be hard to resist. She would fall off a lot and the date would be to the hospital, not to the beloved destination of Micky D’s.

Last if none of those other options work there is always that awkward ride with a mother. Choose the “clean” minivan and pickup the date. There are two approaches after picking them up, the front seat is always open ready for someone to sit in and be anti-social, or the two sit in the back seat cuddling and making fools out of themselves, meanwhile the mom is jamming to her music. But remember mom doesn’t know this is a girlfriend, she thinks its just a friend.

These are the options to destruction or to success.

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Middle School Romance: No Wheels