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Bovine Elementary- The Fence

Macie Mcbride

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Near the late spring in 3rd grade, me and a friend (Whose name is Jaden) would often go to each other’s houses. This time we had decided to go to his, since we had gone to mind for a while now. His house lied in a hidden neighborhood; it being part of the small posse of houses that were pocketed together in a large cul-de-sac. The house was fairly large- it even held an extra room for his grandparents to live in; which we often took advantage of frequently. The two of us would slide down the stairs, our eyes keen for his Grandparent’s watchful line of sight. Bounding along the beat up carpet downstairs, we would manage to beat their eyes as we shoved each other inside their part of the house. We would come here for trouble and to bother the two for the majority of the time- but that’s not what we had in plan.

Related imageJaden held a hand up slightly, bending his index finger as he beckoned me to follow. I followed with caution, my steps becoming swifter with each step as we anticipated the next event. His hand cradled around the door-knob to the back-porch before he propelled his arm backward, the door following his arm. The duo glided out, our breath becoming heavy as we desperately sucked in the outside air. We panted for a moment whilst making our way towards a fence. This specific fence was shared by him and the older couple across it- who we both dreaded at the time. A large block of cement aligned Jaden’s yard; making the fence his rather than the neighbors. A mutual friend lived across the neighborhood whose house we’d travel to occasionally. It was not an easy task. The quickest path to the house was to go across the fence.

My friend bounded across the lowly cut grass, halting as he reached the easiest area to enter the danger-zone across the fence. An intricate design twined with the bland layout of the pasty white fence boards; which Jaden took advantage of. He leaned forward, loosing his balance coolly before jutting out his arms to protect himself from the fall against the fence. Without warning or hesitation, Jaden hurled himself across the top of the fence has if he had been running in track- then he was gone. I blinked idly but was quick to reenact the action. Finally. My eyes immediately darted around the neighbor’s yard whom we were trespassing on. Nothing in sight- great. My head snapped back towards Jaden, who was silently sashaying across the cement block; his hands cradling the top of the fence. I followed behind, shifting my hands rapidly across the fence; one over the other. We neared the middle of the fence- where we were the most exposed. At this point I had lost interest if the older couple were watching from afar or not. Just as I had gotten comfortable, the couple entered the scene. My eyes widened with horror as I flashed a glare at Jaden; locking a worried gaze before he turned and began sashaying across the cement faster. He made it over, throwing a leg up before dragging the rest of himself over. Jaden left me! At this point the man had began marching for me- extending his arm as he pointed and flailed it hotly. My stomach clenched desperately as I slid myself faster and faster, my hands and fingers becoming sweaty with alarm. The man was several feet away at this point, his eyes burning with the passion of tearing me down from the fence and calling my mom.

Somehow, someway, I made it over- Jaden waiting on the other side. Relief? Yes.

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Bovine Elementary- The Fence