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The Utah in the 2018 Playoffs

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The Jazz in the 2018 Playoffs

Reece Callister

So the Jazz being in the 2018 playoffs is crazy! They were a pretty bad team to begin with in the start of the season, but then once the playoff were in sight they became an amazing unstoppable team that not everyone wanted to face. Then they started climbing through the seeds in the playoffs going from eighth to fifth and then near the end stealing the third seed from the Portland Trail Blazers. But of course they lost a game and stumbled back down to the fifth seed.


Now the Jazz are currently facing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2017-2018 season. They lost their first game but then beat the Thunder 105 to 95 on the second game tying it out 1-1. Next they pulled out the series to come to 2-1 then turning it to 3-1. But in the latest game (yesterday) they lost 107-99. Now the Jazz are facing some trouble with the series being 3-2. Last night was a tough struggle for the jazz with Westbrook dropping 45 points and the highest points on their team was only 27 by Jae Crowder.


Later in the season. What will come for the Jazz is mostly uncertain because the Thunder aren’t going down without a fight. After round 1 if the Jazz win they will play the Houston Rockets. Now that will be tough because the Rockets are number 1 seed in the west and are a pretty dang good team. But the prediction for the Jazz is that they won’t get past the Rockets at all.

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The Utah in the 2018 Playoffs