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Talking to (really) extended family members on Thanksgiving

Grace Clark

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Have you ever gone over to your Grandmas house for thanksgiving and realize your surrounded by people of whom you have no clue who they are or where they came from? We’ve all been there once or twice, and I have picked up some pointers along the way. This article will explain how awkward it really is when your having a weirdly personal conversation with those people who have “known you since you were a baby” and you have never seen in your entire life.

One Thanksgiving, when I was about 11 years old, we drove a few hours to my grandma’s House in Saint George UT. When we finally got there I was exhausted and I wanted to sleep of course. But my Grandma would not allow it, she had to introduce me to like 20 third and second cousins. I barely remember the names of my actual cousins let alone 20 second cousins. And of course, one of my close cousins decided to cause very unnecessary drama with one of the thirds. They started yelling at each other and eventually their parents started yelling at each other too. Some of their family’s didn’t come back the next day for Thanksgiving. But it doesn’t end there, nope it really doesn’t. On Thanksgiving I was introduced to several different people one of them including Great Aunt… what was her name.. Bertha. Yes BERTHA, don’t get me wrong, she seemed like a nice old lady and so I actually made an effort to start a conversation. There was one problem though, she had really bad hearing and didn’t understand a single word I was saying. She would ask me a question and I would answer, and you would hear a loud “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”. I continued to repeat my question over and over again, but Aunt Bertha was relentless.. “SORRY SAY THAT AGAIN”. The conversation was soon ended when my mom pulled me into the kitchen to help,and an awkward wave goodbye. All of this could have been avoided if I had just had avoided the obviously almost deaf Great Aunt Bertha.

In recent years, I have been asked several odd questions by Great Uncles and Aunts. But this conversation will scar me for life. One Thanksgiving I believe it was last year, I met Great Uncle.. what was his name? Okay, to be perfectly honest I don’t remember his name but that is not the point. That Thanksgiving had been harder then  the last because of how many kids I had to watch while their mothers talked and their dads watched football. So when I grabbed my plate of food I ran into the separate dining room and thinking I was safe I sat down and peacefully ate. Or so I thought, until suddenly what seemed like a strategic ambush Uncle.. Marty walked in and sat at that exact same table! He started firing questions that I had armed answers for (the basic “how old are you” type of questions) until he suddenly switched the subject to “do you have a boyfriend at your school?”. Like do you really think a 5 foot tall person who is 12 YEARS OLD has a boyfriend? I of course responded with a no, but it was a very awkward Thanksgiving nevertheless.

Remember, even though you have had those VERY awkward conversations with family members. Stay thankful during this holiday and make sure to say hi to Aunt Bertha for me! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your “break”.

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Talking to (really) extended family members on Thanksgiving