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Babysitting Younger Siblings?

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Dead Controller

  • Let them have the dead controller and do ¨two”players and all you do is just play while they decide why the controller isn´t working.

Balloon Games

  • Volleyball
  • Draw on them, then blow them up
  • Don´t let it touch the ground (Hint: make it difficult)

Build a Fort

  • Sleep in it!

Nerf Gun Battles

Card Games

Marshmallow fights

  • Don´t eat it

Memory Games

Basement Games

  • Or Night Games


  • Give them each a dollar, tell them that they have to keep it on the wall with their noses for one hour straight, and they get to keep it. And if you are still wanting longer, give them another dollar and tell them to hold it there for two hours. Most likely the will give up the first time that they try.
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Babysitting Younger Siblings?