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7th Grade Orientation: Middle School is Here!

For better or for worse. :)

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7th Grade Orientation

By: Two of the Willowcreek Newspaper Staff

Are you a 7th grader? Are you going into 7th grade? Here’s a guide for you to survive your 7th grade year…

  1. It’s okay to cry in your core classes, but not your electives.  You chose them. Deal with it.
  2. Middle School Romance DOES NOT LAST.  DO NOT GO THERE.
  3. Your life will be easier if you work SMART more than HARD.
  4. DO NOT eat with your mouth open in the lunchroom.
  6. Don’t carry your wallet, or any money, in plain sight.  There is a 70% chance you will be mugged.
  7. Don’t make the math teachers angry.  EVER!
  8. Don’t fall asleep in Mr. Vincent’s class. Or chew gum in his class.
  9. Don’t let the secretaries know your real name. You will regret it.
  10. Don’t dress like a 7th grader, unless you expect to be treated like one.
  11. Don’t make the lunch ladies angry. They hold a grudge.
  12. Avoid the Attendance Office as much as possible.
  13. Don’t be afraid to nag teachers if they haven’t put your assignments in the gradebook.
  14. Don’t assume what grade people are in based on their height.  It’s guaranteed you’ll insult someone.
  15. Don’t run in the hallways.  It’s better to retain your dignity and pride and have to wait for your lunch, than sprinting through the hallways.
  16. If there’s drama going on, don’t get involved.  It will be less hazardous to your health if you don’t.
  17. I don’t care how cool you think you are, the 9th graders are cooler.
  18. Once you sit down at a lunch table on the first day of school, that’s where you sit for the rest of the year, unless you plan on not sitting down ever again at lunch.
  19. If your caught doing something your not supposed to be doing, at least have the dignity to own up to it.
  20. Don’t get with your group of friends and line up in the hallway, making a wall that no one can get through.
  21. You have to make a crucial decision as to whether or not your life is worth the food in the vending machine, because you have to go through the 9th grade hall to get there.
  22. If someone assumes you’re an eighth or ninth grader, DON’T correct them.
  23. For future reference, if you’re an 8th grader, it’s perfectly fine to get offended if someone calls you a 7th grader.
  24. Just because you can’t see a teacher in the teacher’s lounge, does not mean there’s not one in there.
  25. When faking illnesses, go big or go home.  Or both. Actually, when you’re faking an illness, you should do both.  Don’t stay at school.
  26. Mondays are the only day of the week that you can openly cry.
  27. I’m not saying that there’s a way to get on the roof, but there is.
  28. When entering your student number to get food, don’t try entering a random number, I’ve done it, they will know.
  29. Hiding in the bathrooms during school is a common tactic, people do it all the time, it doesn’t work, go somewhere else. It isn’t cool.
  30. Every 4 tardies is 2 lunch detentions, and once you hit 6 tardies it’s 4 lunch detentions for every 2 tardies.  Try not to be tardy.
  31. If you get caught skipping school, it’s 2 lunch detentions. If you want to sluff, don’t get caught.
  32. Sluffing pride time is stupid. Go to class.
  33. It is possible to skip lunch detention, but if you don’t show up enough times, someone will escort you to lunch detention.  
  34. If you’re a 7th grader and have second lunch, don’t get lunch detention.  You’ll be in with 8th and 9th graders and will hate every second.
  35. The people in lunch detention are scary, don’t talk to them.
  36. There are some weird people in lunch detention, if you have to go, keep your head down, stay silent and don’t draw attention to yourself.
  37. You can just leave and go home during school, the office won’t stop you, but save this trick for an especially bad day.
  38. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  39. If you copy someone’s homework, do it well.  In your own handwriting.
  40. I’m also not saying that you can block the school’s number on your parents phone, but you can.  
  41. Cheating is an art.
  42. Don’t be scared of people with a bad reputation, be more scared of people who look bad, but don’t have a bad reputation.  They’re the ones who don’t get caught.
  43. Try testing teachers limits in the beginning of the year so that you know how far you can push their buttons in the future.
  44. Being a teacher’s pet is not necessarily a bad thing.
  45. If you start a fight, win.


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7th Grade Orientation: Middle School is Here!