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School Shooting

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On February 14, 2018, Stoneman Douglas High School encountered a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The shooter was Nikolas Jacob Cruz and he was 19 years old. He claims he was bullied and he had been suspended from the school before the shooting. Using an Assault Rifle, he killed 17 kids and 17 more were injured. This makes it one of the most deadly school shootings in history. He was arrested after and he pleads guilty.

We have been giving our thoughts and prayers to the students at Stoneman Douglas High School. The issue is, they don’t want our thoughts and prayers, they want change. There is an infinite loop that is repeating itself constantly. There is a school shooting, there are heartbreaking Facebook videos, people voice their opinions,  thoughts and prayers are given, and we don’t talk about gun control. Then another shooting happens and the process repeats itself.

We are being forced by the law to go to a place that is no longer safe. Students want to be able to not have to worry for their life every day. Politicians are refusing to discuss the problems while people are dying.

On February 20, students in Florida walked out of their schools to peacefully protest for change. Students are saying that they will not let this event be overlooked and forgotten. They will keep their voice in the media and keep protesting until something happens. They are using the hashtag “#NeverAgain”. One hero student that saved many other students in the shooting is in the process of suing the school system. He believes that the schools are at fault for not having more safety measures put in place to protect against these types of events.  

We need to bring this issue to politicians. The only way to get the attention is to peacefully protest. When students protest it creates a larger influence because when children or teenagers are aware that they aren’t safe at school, there is a big problem. Here are some ways that we can protest-

  • Wear an armband- In the Supreme Court Case of Tinker vs. Des Moines the supreme court ruled that wearing an armband is a peaceful protest that every citizen has a right to execute. Wearing an armband can be used to show support for certain organizations or protests. For example, right now, Muslims in India are being persecuted and so many are wearing a black armband to show support for them. They wear the armband to represent the people in need and to bring attention to the problem.
  • Walk out of school- In Florida, many walkouts have already occurred but many others are already planned. On March 14, there was a planned walkout for schools anywhere in the country. At 10:00 students were encouraged to walk out of class and stand outside for exactly 17 minutes; one minute for every life taken. For a school walkout, you have to stay on school property. You can check if your school is participating in a walkout by going to the Women’s March website and putting in your zip code and it will show all of the schools in your area.
  • Don’t speak all day or Tape Mouth- Not speaking all day is a good way for people to notice a cause that you are supporting and if it is done in large groups, it can create a big effect. You might have to have premade notes that explain the taped mouth for your teachers. You can also write a phrase or a word on the tape that represents your cause.
  • Turn one’s back- A lot of police officers will use this method. When a police chief tells them what to do and they really strongly disagree they will just turn there back even though they have to follow orders. It is a peaceful way to disagree.
  • Sit down- You can sit down all day on the ground as long as you are not disruptive or causing any trouble to other people.
  • Reporting sick- Reporting sick shows that you refuse to go to a place that isn’t safe and you cannot be punished for calling in sick.
  • Name Tags- You can use a name tag that says Team Stoneman Douglas. This shows that you are on their side and teachers or administration cannot tell you to take a name tag off. You can represent the school this way and show that the students at the high school need to be heard.


Many people have said “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. The problem is, we can only solve things in our control. No matter what laws we put in place, you cannot control how people think, feel, and act. So while we can’t control people, we CAN control the production and distribution of guns. To put it simply, if people do not have access to weapons to kill masses of people, then masses of people don’t die. We need to put laws up against people owning Assault Rifles. There is no reason people should own these powerful guns. While the second amendment states that we have the right to bear arms, we should not be allowed to own weapons that can mow down crowds of people with bullets. In addition, we cannot change the way people think but we can help to cure mental illnesses. Curing mental illnesses will help us long term while we restrict guns for a short term solution. Many school shooters did what they did as a result of long term depression.


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School Shooting