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10 Types of People During the Last Week of School

Kailey Clay, Journalist

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The end of the school year is approaching and it is very visible in our students, this is 10 types of students during the last week of school:


1: The Over Sleeper: This person is done trying to look good they sleep in to the last second and wear their pajamas to school and eat breakfast during first period, if they don’t sleep through it, this person isn’t always like this they normally get all dressed up do there hair maybe even wear makeup but during this time of the school year they have transformed into a completely different person.


2: The Sluff: Yes this is the person that just disappears near the end even if they still have that final in english, they don’t care! And of course after they disappear rumors will start about their death or how they got suspended but in reality they just flat out decided that school wasn’t worth their time and effort anymore. And half the time their parents dont even know about it.


3: The Goody tuchus: We all know at least one person like this and if you don’t you probably are that person. This person probably has perfect grades and a  perfect attendance and even if they have an A they are working with the teachers to get a higher A. This person probably helps you with your math homework and science homework and history homework. This person will most likely become valedictorian.


4: The catcher upper: This person is failing a class… or two, or three. We could go on. This person is still making up assignments and tests on the last day to school so they dont fail any classes and don’t have to go to summer school.  This type of person is usually preventable if they just do their work once in awhile.


5: Mr./Ms. Preppy: This person is very interactive with school activities and is full of school spirit. They know everybody even if everybody doesn’t know them. Somehow they are always positive even when their life sucks. They are counting down the days but only for everyone else. Sometimes this person is a little too preppy but they’ll probably never stop. This quality will take them far in life this person will probably be a lawyer or a doctor or something.


6: Busy Bee: This person seems to always be busy with sports games choir concerts dance recitals karate practice. You name it. For some reason extracurricular activities all have their big stuff right when summer is approaching and school is ending. This person has overlapping activities and has no time for homework and the teachers think they’re lying when they say “I was too busy with swimming contests, football practice, guitar performance and my project in Biology.”


7: The Prankster: There is always end of the year pranks, this person is the one who pulls all the pranks and not the stereotypical pranks they do the unthinkable like maybe putting a donkey on the roof  or putting a mural of themselves with permanent marker on the whiteboard. This person may be suspended for a day or too but the staff is used to it.


8: The Mover/The Move in: For some reason there is always that kid who moves or moves in during the last couple weeks of school and then they know noone, they are not in the yearbook but still in your old schools year book and none of your credits transfer. But don’t blame it on the student blame it on the people who moved them (Aka: Their parents)


9:The Dramatic: This is the person who thought the sluff died. They make a big production out of everything and no one trusts them because they exaggerate everything to the point where the stories they tell sound like the plot of a new blockbuster hit. This person loves to spread rumors and there is a lot this time of year.


10: The Break Up: In middle school it’s always entertaining to watch all the teenagers say goodbye on the last day of school. The only reason they break up is because they won’t see each other tomorrow or the rest of the summer. The breakup parents don’t know there in a relationship, well if you can even call it that


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10 Types of People During the Last Week of School