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Jandles:  we’re not promoting religion. Just sayin’. But the nickname for these sandles…Jesus Sandles –  is interesting. Basic, comfortable…just don’t wear white socks with them. What would J do?

Diverse cuisines: this means ethnic restaurants…which means foreign country food. Tandoori oven, Pad Thai, pozole, General Zhou’s chicken, baklava, sauerkraut, paella…and yes, hamburgers. We love to eat, and it shows.

Marvel and DC: Nope…not Washington and not our awe and admiration for government. These are the powerhouse comics. Movie legends are made of these. Keep in mind, though, the characters are not real. However, there are a few Superman and Superwomen out there. These are called parents.

McD’s fries:  If McDonald’s got rid of everything except the fries, the company would still stay open. There is something about the way they cook those Idaho potatoes and the salt they use.

Hot air ballooning: If there is one object in the sky which confuses the birds (remember…small brains), and is the hallmark of summertime, it’s hot air balloons. The seating is not crowded, and you have your own heating elements. And the view…is spectacular.


Tide Pods Challenge: Okay, so you had to eat soap when you were little because you either said a bad word or lied. And now you do it for fun? Please think of your future children and the advice you have to give that child.

Cardi B rapper

Small pockets: We need to send a message to clothes designers and manufacturers about pockets in girls:  if the guys need deep pockets, so do we. In fact, just make it a purse.

Avatar: the Last Bender (movie): They said it would be good. They said it would be worth the wait and the money. Mind if we ask this question:  Who’s “they”? It’s a no-go for us.

School hallways during lunch:  Enough! We are tired of dodging apples, oranges, backpacks, water bottles…you name it, from the upstairs during lunch. We are tired of not being able to get past people because they purposefully block the hallways. Some of us are in classes near the hallway during lunch. People body slam the doors, test the doorknobs, and make it miserable.

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