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Student Council Elections

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By: Izzy Zobrist

It takes a lot to run for student government, as they go through phases of applications, elections and what their duty is it is a big job. In this article I will account for Ellie Plank and Jackson Sheen who are both in the running.


Ellie Plank-

As she runs for student body vp she has to go through stages such as going to a student council meeting and to apply they have to do 5 hours of service 1 one of the hours you have to volunteer at the school and get signatures and thoughts from teachers and parents. She wants to do student council because her sister did it, friends do it, she participated in 6th grade and ran again in 7th but didn’t make it. She wants to help the school. Ellie is nervous she is going against good student council worthy people but also she would be the best to make the school better.


Jackson Sheen-

He as been in student council in 8th grade. They do recycling and they organize all things to help the school. Student body secretary. Student council is very rewarding, you get a lot of free time and although you get to work you also have free time. During class they split into  5 groups minuets and assigned classes, lunchtime activities and student of the week, dance prep, recycling and announcements, lastly advertising. He wants to run again because students should have a voice and he wants them to have a say, especially from a students perspective.


These students go above and beyond in working hard to make the school a better place and not only for these two but everyone who has ran from the beginning to now in the finals.

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Student Council Elections